Surprised by Blessings

Wouldn’t it be nice to be surprised by a blessing? Or perhaps have blessings poured down on us or even thrown our way.

In 1958 a family of four had experienced that very thing. The Christmas season was a hectic one for the parents of a three and four-year old, in fact, it was so busy that as they headed home on Christmas eve, after shopping for food with their two sleepy children, they realized that they had forgotten to get a tree. The children fell asleep expecting to find a decorated tree on Christmas morning, but they had none.

They looked for a tree to buy, with no success. What would they do?

About a mile from home, as they stopped their truck at a red light, they felt a strong gust of wind and then heard something hit the front of their vehicle – a large cut evergreen tree. Try as they might, they couldn’t find anyone who claimed the tree as their own. In writing about her “Christmas miracle”, Gertrude Albert said that it was the most beautiful tree they ever had.[1]

Sometimes, God doesn’t just give you a blessing, Sometimes He throws one at you.

In the Bible, God spoke to Isaiah about new heavens and a new earth that He will create.  As He describes the wonders its inhabitants will see and the joy they will experience, God ends by saying in verse 24: “It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.” Blessings upon blessings poured out and thrown our way.

Will God do that today? Can we hope to be surprised by blessings? This world can seem dark at times. An injury threatened to send me down a path I didn’t want to go. I feared a disability that would force me to live a more sedentary life. However, after seeing a second doctor and taking a new medication, I started to rapidly improve. Almost too rapidly. How could this simple med do so much? But God …. I had prayed for healing. My friends and family were praying for healing. Why was I surprised by this blessing?

I think God has given us the promise in Isaiah  to remind us to never lose hope. Before we even finish asking, He will hear. Before we even call, He will answer. And if your answer comes anything like the couple who needed a Christmas tree, don’t be surprised if God decides to throw the blessing your way.


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