Die With My Shoes On

There is a story told of a 60 year old man and his wife who decided to spread the Gospel. Viashima Agu and his wife Rumun traveled from their home in Nigeria to Liberia, a country struggling to recover after 14 years of civil war.[1] He had many obstacles but he wasn’t daunted. He didn’t see it as his work, but a work Jesus would do. He said that he merely decided to join Him. He didn’t see his age as a problem as well stating, “I want to die with my shoes on.”

How inspiring! Living with problems we cannot seem to solve, it’s easy just to give up and give in. Haven’t we struggled enough? Tried our best and still failed? Yet, if we look at our options, closing our eyes to the problems we see may only lead to a greater sense of failure and worthlessness. When we continue to work and to fight for what we believe, what we value, “dying with our shoes on” seems attractive.

Yes, we have challenges. With a weak economy, there may not be money to do all we would like to do. With little money, Viashima started with small trips to Liberia. Because Liberia had very high unemployment and even more corruption, he was unable to finance a move there; however during his trips, he found one student, who introduced him to others. He worked until doors opened and he was able to lead these students to the LORD. He just kept taking that next step. We may not have much to work with, but if we just find out where God is working and join Him, we can accomplish much as well, one small step at a time.

First we need to find God. He loves us and deeply desires that we live a full life here and then live with Him in heaven. We need to see our need of Him, admit we cannot do this alone and then believe He will guide us in the direction we need to take. Let’s call out to Him.

Then we need to know where is God is calling us to go and what He wants us to do. Can you see Him working amid all the uncertainty of our times? Is it really time for us to give up? Or maybe a time of decision.  Instead of living in my easy chair, I’ve decided it’s better to die with my shoes on. How about you?

[1] https://navigatorsworldwide.org/worldwide-newsletter/2018/8/1/id-rather-die-with-my-shoes-on

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