It’s Coming

If you knew it was going to rain for the next seven days, would you go on a vacation? Or would you plan to spend some indoor time with your family? If you knew you had no suntan lotion, would you spend an entire day on the beach on the hottest day in July? Or would you head first to a store to buy some? If you knew your family was planning to visit and you were eager to see them, would you jump in your car and head in the opposite direction? Or would you plan the meal you would serve and get your guest room ready for company?

If you knew Jesus was coming back tomorrow, what would you do? We’ve known that He is coming, but it’s been so long, sometimes we just ignore the message and go about life as we usually do. Since we’re going to meet Him soon, maybe we should prepare. Maybe we should spend more time with Him, get a room ready in our heart, and do all we can to help others do the same.

The Kingston Trio sang a ballad many years ago called “Prime the Pump”. They tell of a water pump in the desert with a bottle of water sitting next to it. If you drink the water, that’s all the water you will have and the next traveler will have none. But if you use the bottle of water to prime the pump, you will have all the water you want, and you will be able to fill the bottle for the next thirsty person who comes upon it.

Are you ready for Jesus? If not, call out to Him and He will help you. If you are ready, fantastic. Is your brother, sister or friend ready? Jesus said that He has Living Water so that we will never thirst again. Perhaps you could share some Living Water with someone, and then perhaps they will encourage another.

We know very little about tomorrow, but we know this: it’s coming? Are you ready?

“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” Matthew 24:36

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