Yes, We Can!

What was unheard of by most before March, became our primary focus soon after. Now, many months later, coronavirus still is a great concern. But we’ve learned to live with it, using precautions previously only seen in hospitals, such as masks, gloves, and isolation. We don’t go to public gatherings as often as we did before. We wear masks, keep an appropriate distance between ourselves and others and do all we can to keep ourselves and our families safe.

Is there any good news? Can we do more than just survive?

When Covid 19 peaked out its ugly head, I decided to look for more positive news. I found wonderful stories of those who showed us that: yes, we can do more than just survive.

  • A man on a ventilator heard a voice while he was in a coma. “Get out of this bed! You’re going to live through this.” So he woke up. and a few hours later, he was sitting up in a chair. His wife attributes his healing to prayer.
  • Another man had to make a difficult decision when his pregnant wife came down with coronavirus and was put into an induced coma and on a respirator. He chose for her to have labor induced to save the baby’s life. His wife survived, too! She woke up to find she had a new infant daughter.
  • An elderly man, who had been through the Spanish flu and World War II, came down with corona virus. At 104, his chances of survival were very slim, yet his smiling face, as he was wheeled out of the hospital, showed that he indeed could beat the odds against him.
  • A woman turned her focus on helping others. Do you remember when there were not enough masks and gowns for even the health care workers? It took quite a while for supply to catch up to demand. She contacted celebrities for funds and the UPS for help with shipping and she filled in the gap. And you may know others who also contributed without recognition by making homemade masks and gowns.
  • A young boy, who had cancer and was receiving chemotherapy, contracted the coronavirus and had to be isolated in the hospital. His father chose to be isolated with him, keeping him occupied with games, and when his spirits dropped, focusing his attention on the future – a camping trip – they planned all that they would do.
  • My favorite story was about a reporter. He worked from home, using cue cards as he had no teleprompter. He could have dressed casually but wore a full suit. His audience – his first grade classmates! This young boy used Zoom to keep his friends informed of not only the news but also what they could do to prevent getting the virus themselves.[1]

All these people didn’t just survive, they thrived. And no matter what our future may bring, yes we can, too!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7

[1] From Dr. Jim Denison’s “Biblical Insight to Tough Questions. Volume 5. 04.23.20. The Daily Article Special Edition.”

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