How to Find Really Good Advice

Have you ever listened to others’ testimonies about finding the LORD? Recently, I saw one where the gentleman talked about having a vision as a teenager and seeing Jesus (although not Jesus’ face), at the time he was told the salvation story. He described feeling Jesus’ pure love and then sobbing uncontrollably. As an adult however, he reported that he lived a pseudo-Christian life, not really having a relationship or true intimacy with God. Darkness, despair and repetitive sin followed. He looked for help but couldn’t find any, even in his own church. So he turned to God in raw prayer, and by that he meant that his prayer showed all the emotions he was working through at the time. He also read the Bible voraciously. In being persistent, he heard God speak to his heart and was able to abandon the sin and the darkness and receive indescribable joy.

I believe him, not just because of his testimony, but because I’ve never seen a grown man look so joyful. You couldn’t deny it was there, the joy was so obvious. Joy is contagious.

Where do you go when you need good advice? I hope you don’t have his experience of being turned aside by your church. But even if you do, Jesus is there. He can take your pain and turn it into good. He promises to always love and guide you. In Him, you will find the wisdom you need and also joy just as this man did. Others will see it in you.

Whether your problems are big or small, if anything seems to be coming between you and Jesus, if anything seems to be stealing your peace and joy, turn to Him. That’s where to find really good advice.

“You make known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.” Psalm 16:11

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