Stay Connected

I recently read about a friend’s cruise down the Sognefjord in Norway. The description of the 20 mile trip, written by her husband, describes a breathtaking view of blue-green water reflecting the trees and vegetation. There were cliffs on either side of this 125 mile long fjord rising up to 800 feet. Fresh water from glaciers fell from either side giving them a non-stop show of waterfalls. One waterfall fell from a rock ledge above named “The Pulpit”, as it was flat and the size of half a football field. The distance from the fjord to “The Pulpit” was 25 feet higher than the Empire State Building! Can you imagine such a waterfall?! Or the power of the water coming down?! God is so wonderful to us. He gives us many things to enjoy.

Outside my kitchen window is a beautiful mimosa tree. I love its delicate pink flowers. We’ve had a bit of wind, and I’ve seen dead branches break and fall from nearby trees. One branch hung broken after a particular windy storm, and the next day it lost all its leaves. It now hangs lifeless from the tree, yet the delicate pink flowers stayed connected to the mimosa. They have survived.

God is powerful, more so than the most powerful waterfall or storm, more powerful than we can imagine, yet He cares enough for us to give us great beauty to enjoy. And lessons in it. Staying attached to the tree is critical to the branch. My staying connected to my Creator is critical to me as well, otherwise the storms of life can be more than I can bear. I am as fragile as that mimosa flower, but when I’m connected to God, I can weather any storm – viruses, riots, whatever. This doesn’t mean I’m invincible, far from it. But no matter what happens to me, my future is secure – either here or in heaven with Him. And I have every intention of staying connected. Just like that delicate mimosa flower.

So, does the world seem to be in a bit of a storm? Are you feeling the wind racing around you? Stay connect to the One who controls the storm, the wind, and everything else that threatens you.

“I am the Vine; you are the branches … apart from Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

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