Who Answers The Door?

Life sometimes seems like a maze with challenging decisions. We get to a T  – which way should we go? I really need a snack and am craving something sweet. I would love to have some cookies, but I’ve put on a few pounds and know carrots would be healthier. I see a really cute top that would go well with my jeans, It’s a little pricy but I look good in it. Should I save that money and pay down my car loan instead? There’s a great movie on TV and I should really go to bed, so I’m not so sleepy when the alarm goes off. I wonder if it will be OK if I stay up anyway and just make my coffee a little stronger in the morning. We know what’s best but are tempted with what’s not really good for us.

I recently heard a story about that very problem.

A children’s pastor asked a little boy where Jesus lives, and the little boy responded that Jesus lived in his heart. Then the pastor asked the little boy, “What happens when satan knocks on the door to your heart?” The little boy thought a moment and then said, “I’ll ask Jesus to answer the door.”

Some decisions are easy. We don’t murder or steal, but sometimes the right answer isn’t always clear. There’s nothing wrong with cookies, a new top, TV, or … you fill in the blank. So what do we do? The best decision may depend on the circumstances. If my daughter lovingly made those cookies for me, it’s a no-brainer. But if I’ve been eating too many carbs lately and gaining weight, I should choose carrots instead of the cookies I bought myself.

Or maybe it’s not a clear-cut decision at all. Unfortunately we usually are struggling with issues a lot more challenging than cookies and carrots. Does the temptation seem greater than we can handle? Does the problem seem so difficult we just want to give up and give in? What do we do?

When the great tempter of our lives comes knocking on the door to our hearts, let’s let Jesus answer the door!

“… casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

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