Truth, Fiction, and Levity

            Times are hard. We’ve never before been through a world-wide pandemic. Unemployment levels are at a record high. We are hearing so many different versions of the “real problem” that we don’t know what or who to believe. And both sides are predicting it will get better and it will get worse.

            What is truth? Right now for me, truth is that I need to find some different news. Something not so negative. Something light.

            I’ve been watching funny videos of animals, usually someone’s pet or a compilation of people’s pet videos. How do they get those dogs and cats (!!) to do such funny things. I’ve also found humorous recordings of babies laughing, toddler’s antics, and adult’s bloopers. And I laugh along with the person doing the recording.

            Music videos are also a favorite of mine. There are videos of child prodigies – very young children playing classical music on a piano. I especially like the “Joyful, Joyful” video from “Sister Act 2” where the choir starts their number with a teenager coming out and doing a cartwheel. The choir is so animated during the singing that I get goose bumps just thinking about it. When I sing “The Ode to Joy” by Beethoven, shouldn’t I feel such joy?! My recent favorite song video is “Friend to the End” by the Isaacs. Isn’t God truly our friend to the end, no matter what happens in life, no matter how this pandemic works itself out?

            Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth?”. Isn’t that sometimes our problem, too. What is the truth about all the news we hear?

Jesus said that He was truth. Very difficult for even a learned man like Pilate to understand when he didn’t really know Jesus. Difficult for us as well.

            Where can we find truth? I believe it is in our faith. When one perseveres through the many storms of life and still remembers that in all of them, God is with them because He said in His Word that He would never leave them, that’s faith that can carry someone through a storm.

            I believe it is also in hope. When the mother who has a lost child, prays every day for him or her to return, and still manages to encourage someone else with problems, that’s hope that God has a plan for both of them.

            It’s also in love. When work disappears and bill collectors begin to call, yet the victim not only keeps looking for work, he volunteers for a program that is distributing food to those who have none, that’s God’s love in action, and it never returns empty.

            What is truth? Jesus is truth, and when He is the object of our faith, hope, and love, we can do all things. Because He is in us, and He can do all things.

            So I am determined to rest in Him during these tough times, and when the news seems more anxiety-producing than informational, I’ll find something light to listen to instead.

            Hope you can, too.

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