Get Ready To Shout

            We’ve had to endure many changes during this coronavirus epidemic, but the one that has bothered me most is social distancing. We are encouraged to keep six feet apart. Many of our activities have been cancelled or temporarily postponed. Hugs are definitely taboo. With our face masks on, the most of a facial expression we can see is in the eyes. It’s as if we’ve lost, albeit temporarily, something very valuable.

            I used to talk to people in stores when I would go shopping. Now people avoid each other and if I do make eye contact, what I see is fear and paranoia. Many people are indeed afraid to even communicate. Some, however are like me, and I am grateful.

            Part of me wonders what it will be like when the restrictions are completely lifted. Will we be able to get back to normal easily, or will some remain guarded?

            But then I remember God’s promises in our storms. He is with us. He loves us and will work even this out for good. But even better, He says that storms don’t last. In Psalm 30, He says that we will not only be happy when it’s all over, but we will shout for joy. That’s an awesome thought.

It’s true that some don’t survive all their storms; as a matter of fact, we won’t survive the last one we encounter. All die. Even so, those who know Jesus as LORD will still be shouting for joy – unimaginable joy. But we don’t have to wait for the final storm to anticipate joy. Instead of looking at this storm; try to look ahead for something to shout about – something that will bring you joy.

Parks are supposed to open is a few days. I think I’ll practice my joy by looking for a waterfall. How about you? Where are you looking? At this storm or for the joy?

“Weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5b NASB

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