It’s a Jungle Out There!

            Have you ever been lost in the internet jungle? Here’s how it happens to me.

            I’m intrigued by items in the news, so I head to youtube. Are there videos that address the new problem? Recent declaration or solution from some leader in this country or elsewhere in the world? A new cure? And if something even suggests end times events, well, I’m hooked. Can I find verification from other sources?

            But then, youtube adds their own “recommended” videos based on my past viewing record. I think: Oh look at that hairstyle; how did they do that? What a scrumptious-looking desert. Maybe I should write down that recipe. The title on that motivational video looks interesting. And seven steps to getting a good night’s sleep –  I should look at that.

            Why did I get on the internet in the first place?

            In her book “Simple Abundance” Sara Ban Breathnach said, “True simplicity as a conscious life choice illuminates our lives from within …able to liberate depressed spirits from the bondage and burden of extravagance and excess.” Although I don’t see myself as that depressed spirit, I may be toying with bondage when I spend so much time doing a mindless search on the internet without a goal in mind. I am not even looking within. Or to God as Jacob did in his prayer in Genesis (below).

            So with the internet jungle that entangles me, perhaps I’ll simplify my search to one focus. And wait for God to order all the rest of my concerns and my life. After all, only He really knows everything about whatever I’m searching for.

“I have waited for Thy salvation, O LORD.” Genesis 49:18

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