Reaching for Joy


           What comprises a life? We may be doing our best to follow God, yet feel we are doing no great thing. What value is our life in the overall scheme of things? When we slip out of this life to the next, who notices? Who cares? Life just goes on.

            One life seemed to do just that – slip out unnoticed – yet she did something wonderful for me, and I will not forget her.

            My friend Susan had an air of beauty and dignity about her, yet her features were ordinary. People seemed attracted to her. I think it was because she knew her heritage – a child of God. Her past was filled with abuse, yet she had more than survived. She was happy and content in the new life God had given her. Although we lived 1800 miles apart, we were close and our phone calls were usually filled with laughter.

            When I needed a place to stay, Susan opened her desert home. Although alone, here she raised chickens, turkeys and quail, and fought off raiding coyotes.  She traveled 45 minutes to wash her clothes and an hour to shop for food. If anything broke down at her home, she fixed it herself, or made due without until someone could come, which sometimes took several weeks.

            Susan went with me as I shopped for essentials for my new home. Some of those trips took us to other states, one even involved an overnight stay. She helped me in a practical way, but Susan also gave me what I needed most – compassion, understanding and a listening ear. Many times we laughed until we cried. I healed so much in the two short months I stayed with her.

            Long before this coronavirus epidemic, Susan became ill and went home with the LORD. But she left so much behind. She taught me to laugh during the hard times. Laughter is healing. She showed me the power of friendship. She taught me that no matter how difficult the circumstance, and living in the desert alone is difficult, when you are in God’s will, all things are possible. Susan knew God loved her, and through her, I could see that God still loved me as well.

            I no longer live in the desert, but there is the laughter of the desert that will always be with me. May your day be filled with joy as well.

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.”  Psalm 126:5

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