Perfect Sight

            Helen Keller once said, “Use your eyes as if tomorrow you will be struck blind.”[1]

            Sight is something we take for granted. We need to see in order to take care of ourselves and others. With our eyes, we are able to read and expand our horizons, cook, clean, and create. We see the faces of loved ones, and in seeing interpret their feelings for us. We see all the gifts God has given us in the beauty of a flower, the amazing flight of a bee, sunrise and sunset, the joy of children at play, and so much more.

            But there is another way of seeing – in a way, a different dimension.

            Try to see your family as if you’ve never seen them before. Then look at them as if you’ve known them for hundreds of years. What have you discovered or seen that you have not noticed before?

            Look at your own life, not just this day or this month, this year or this season. Look at he whole of it as if it was someone else’s life. What have you learned? What would you like to learn?

            Look at yourself. Don’t see your imperfections. Can you see what is good, the treasure in you that you can share?

            No one sees things as you see them. We all have our own perspective colored by our own life experiences. No one sees as God sees either. He is love and He sees through the eyes of perfect love. How different would our lives be, if we could only see it through His eyes of love!

            Look at yourself again. Look at your family. Can you see? Can you see what God sees?

            I’m so glad he loves us all!

“… if we love one another, God abides in us, and His love is perfected in us.”

1 John 4:12b NASB

[1] “Glorious Hope”. Editors of Guideposts. 2013, page 74.

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