Just One More

            At the ending of the movie “Schindler’s List”, Oscar Schindler collapses in tears. His work is over. 1,000 Jews have been saved from Hitler’s death camps. He spent all his money buying favors from the German government in order to obtain as many Jews as he could for his factory, Jews that were not skilled but rather ones that the Germans would execute. His tears are tears of guilt – he looks at what he has that remains – things that might have been sold to help even  one or two more. He was in tears, and at the end of the movie, so was I.

            What more could I have done? Who else could I have talked to?

            Time is fleeting and the Bible describes us as a vapor that quickly disappears. When I was young, life seemed like a long adventure ahead of me, but as I age and look back on missed opportunities, I wish I had done more. Yet it’s foolish to mourn over the past, and I truly don’t have the future. I have only this moment. What could I do?

            God has given us all gifts to use. I believe that’s where we look. Although we are challenged at this time because of the coronavirus pandemic and the “shelter-in-place” rules, still we can do something. Some have used their sewing skills to make masks, caps, and gowns for those healthcare workers who need them. Others have set up food collection and distribution centers for those who would give to those in need. One man made mini picnic tables to use as feeders for squirrels and birds and then gave them to his neighbors. A local church gave my small community a roll of paper towels and 6 rolls of toilet paper for Easter. Others walk, talking to neighbors at the appropriate social distancing. I’ve made and received many calls. We can keep in touch, and we need to.

            Schindler had given his best and he was loved for what he gave. He need not have had any regrets. If you give your best, you will have none either. And, LORD willing, you will have just one more.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10a

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