Puttering, Pondering, and Praying

            As I write this, we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. How are you coping with the shelter-in-place and social distancing orders?

            Some are super-organized. The current change of events hasn’t stopped their busy lifestyle, or taken the smile off their face. I admire them. Me, I was at a loss at first, a bigger one than I wanted to admit. My volunteer work outside my home ended. I don’t want to say that the work defined me, but I was turning around in circles in my home. Literally. I couldn’t walk outdoors with my friend, because the sidewalks didn’t allow us to be 6 feet apart, so I walked inside my home. The only available path was to circle the table in the kitchen, head to the living room and circle the coffee table there. I did that a lot.

            When asked what I was doing with my time, I couldn’t come up with anything that seemed important. I puttered. I did a little extra cooking, worked on my to do list, and cleaned like I’ve never cleaned before. I also read and re-read some of my books. But some of what seemed so important to me on my to do list seemed to stay there.

            So I pondered. What is truly important to me? Is it the volunteer work I do, or the people I do it for. I missed them. People are important to me. My pondering led to making more calls than usual. It was good to connect. Yet, my thoughts took me to a higher level. What are my ultimate goals for the rest of my life? What is most important to me? To God?

            So I prayed. God knew all this would happen. He promises to turn all things around for good. More important to me during my talk with Him, was the promise to give me wisdom to get me through the time between the problem and the good that will come.

            Amazingly, I realized that the answer doesn’t come all at once. It’s a day-by-day struggle. So daily I putter, ponder and pray, and daily God guides me. Some days it’s a walk of pure faith, but other days, He surprises me with some small joy.

            May you find that joy in your puttering, pondering and praying as well.

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