Reaching for the Morning Star

“And I will give him the morning star.” Revelation 2:28

This blog is dedicated to the task of encouraging all those who follow that Star.


We are all different. We look different. We act different. We think differently. We prefer different things. Our personalities are different – some prefer organization and schedules; others thrive in spontaneity. Some work better facing a deadline while others prefer to plan their tasks to the minutest details. Some are boisterous, outgoing. Others quiet andContinue reading “Different”

Are You Afraid?

I recently read about three famous people who committed suicide in just one month. It seemed unusually high to me, so in thinking about the current world situation, I thought I would do a little research. The results were amazing. An ABC news story in San Francisco reported seeing a year’s worth of suicides inContinue reading “Are You Afraid?”

Finding Hope

Sometimes life is easy. We get together with friends and before we know it, we’re homeward bound. The time spent was full of much-needed fun. Or we spend a leisurely Saturday afternoon playing games with our children or exploring a new hiking path. We may be tired afterwards, but the smiles on everyone’s faces hasContinue reading “Finding Hope”

What’s Next?

How do you plan your day? Often someone will make plans based on long term goals they want to achieve. Although most people don’t write down their goals, most do have an idea about what they want. They may be saving for a future vacation or for retirement. They may like to make improvements toContinue reading “What’s Next?”


Jupiter is so big that it’s gravity pulls in comets from deep space and has been protecting the earth from them.[1] Thus far. Thomas Horn reported having a vision where God showed him a comet heading towards the earth[2]. This comet split upon entering the atmosphere and two pieces struck, causing many massive hurricanes, manyContinue reading “Apophis”

To Prep Or Not To Prep

Sometimes I think I watch too much news and too many news-related videos. There’s a lot of choices. We have what has been referred to as the mainstream media – the favorite four TV channels that daily give us the morning, noontime and evening news. But then there’s what’s been referred to as the alternativeContinue reading “To Prep Or Not To Prep”

Afraid To Die

It seems to be a natural, human reaction to preserve one’s life. Many reasons come to mind – the love we have for others that we don’t want to lose, the work we have embraced and at times even come to love. It is the footprint we want to leave in this world. But thereContinue reading “Afraid To Die”


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