Reaching for the Morning Star

“And I will give him the morning star.” Revelation 2:28

This blog is dedicated to the task of encouraging all those who follow that Star.

To Prep Or Not To Prep

Sometimes I think I watch too much news and too many news-related videos. There’s a lot of choices. We have what has been referred to as the mainstream media – the favorite four TV channels that daily give us the morning, noontime and evening news. But then there’s what’s been referred to as the alternativeContinue reading “To Prep Or Not To Prep”

Afraid To Die

It seems to be a natural, human reaction to preserve one’s life. Many reasons come to mind – the love we have for others that we don’t want to lose, the work we have embraced and at times even come to love. It is the footprint we want to leave in this world. But thereContinue reading “Afraid To Die”

Waking Up

Have you ever noticed how you wake up? This may seem like a silly question, but as one gets older, one ponders. Usually I’m suddenly asleep and suddenly awake, but lately I’ve been more aware of an “almost awake” state. I’m not sure how that starts. Does a glimmer of light invade as my eyelidsContinue reading “Waking Up”

Don’t Give Up

There are days when things seem to spiral out of control. Especially when I read or listen to the news. Who would have ever imagined the world as it is today?! And when I listen to the news, I ache for what is not and seemingly can not be. Yet ….” Instead of riots, IContinue reading “Don’t Give Up”

How High Is The Heavens?

Space is infinite, as far as we know. We talk of billions and trillions and gazillions of light years. who knows what the greatest measurement is?! Infinitillions? It’s easy to see that since we keep learning more and more about what is out there, the number is beyond imagination. God says that His love forContinue reading “How High Is The Heavens?”

Should We Watch The News?

            Sometimes it’s a tough decision whether to watch the news. Don’t get me wrong. I want to know what’s happening in the world. I think it’s important. It definitely gives me something to pray about.             But the news is difficult to watch or read, and every day it seems to get even moreContinue reading “Should We Watch The News?”

Stay Connected

I recently read about a friend’s cruise down the Sognefjord in Norway. The description of the 20 mile trip, written by her husband, describes a breathtaking view of blue-green water reflecting the trees and vegetation. There were cliffs on either side of this 125 mile long fjord rising up to 800 feet. Fresh water fromContinue reading “Stay Connected”


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