Reaching for the Morning Star

“And I will give him the morning star.” Revelation 2:28

This blog is dedicated to the task of encouraging all those who follow that Star.


Have you ever seen any of the superhero characters? Superman of old could leap the tallest building in a single bounce. Spiderman throws his web and jumps as far as he desires. The bionic man could run faster than any man or any human invention. If you think of something you would like to do,Continue reading “Superheroes”

It’s Bigger Than You

I recently fell into a problem, that I didn’t first recognize as a problem. Then suddenly what I was facing became very obvious. I immediately repented of not coming to the LORD before walking into what now appeared to be quicksand. Then I berated myself. How could I not have recognized this! But after aContinue reading “It’s Bigger Than You”

Finding Peace

Did you fail? Do others fail you? Does peace seem like a pipe dream? Sometimes we see all that’s wrong in our world and think, “I can do something about this.” And most often we do. If the milk is spilt, we clean it up. If a chair needs fixed, we get to work. ThereContinue reading “Finding Peace”

I’m Outta Here

I like stability and security. God has been good to me and I have it. At least I think I do. However, something happened recently that shook my supposed “stable foundation”. I was afraid. Wouldn’t it be nice just to say, “I’m outta here!” Sometimes it’s not just a personal frustration that tempts us toContinue reading “I’m Outta Here”

Feeling Smart Yet?

My joy in life comes in part from teaching 3-5 year-old children in the children’s ministry in my Church. They are a riot! We start out with a snack, and since their attention span is about 3-5 minutes (1 minute for each year of age) they’re busy chomping animal crackers and drinking juice while I’mContinue reading “Feeling Smart Yet?”

Facing The Wilderness

When we think of a wilderness, we usually imagine a desolate area, like the desert. I lived in the desert for about a year. I always had water by my side. With the humidity at 0 or even a negative number, water was precious. When heading out to town, a trip that took about anContinue reading “Facing The Wilderness”


I absolutely hate pictures of me! Who is that woman wearing my clothes? She’s so much older than I imagine, a bit heavier than I imagine, and way too serious. You probably can’t relate. Most people either like their pictures or have made peace with the image they see. I am in total disbelief.            Continue reading “Picture”

Yes, We Can!

What was unheard of by most before March, became our primary focus soon after. Now, many months later, coronavirus still is a great concern. But we’ve learned to live with it, using precautions previously only seen in hospitals, such as masks, gloves, and isolation. We don’t go to public gatherings as often as we didContinue reading “Yes, We Can!”


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